Starhopper, or Hoppy is the inaugural prototype of the Starship program and is now retired. It was designed for low-altitude tests.

Test history


Tue 27, Aug 2019

5 years ago

150 Meter Starhopper Test

Starhopper successfully executed a 150-meter test flight, marking a significant milestone in low-altitude hop tests. Using its single Raptor engine, the prototype ascended to the target height before safely descending back to the ground.


Fri 05, Apr 2019

5 years ago

Static Fire #2

Starhopper completed its second static fire test, further validating the performance and reliability of its single Raptor engine while the prototype remained anchored to the ground.


Wed 03, Apr 2019

5 years ago

Static Fire #1

Starhopper's first static fire test was conducted as part of its initial testing phase, aimed at verifying the functionality of its single Raptor engine while the vehicle remained tethered to the ground.


Starhopper was the first prototype in the Starship program and is now retired from flight tests. Although it had the full 9-meter diameter, it was not a full-height rocket and lacked header tanks. Its original nosecone was lost to high winds and replaced with a smaller dome. Testing began in March 2019, featuring two successful hops—first at 50 meters and then at 150 meters—powered by a single Raptor engine. Post-testing, Starhopper was repurposed as a water tank and equipment mount at the launch site entrance, outfitted with cameras, lights, loudspeakers, and radar.

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